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rogerandtom is the inaugurual production of Simple Machine. We've been kicking around the notion of doing this show for six years or so. It's a brain-teasing, heart-breaking, funny-bone-tickling piece of capital "T" Theatre that can appeal to anyone who loves art. How could we not do it? But producing a play costs money. For that. . .

. . . we need your help!

We've got a target of $2,500 to raise by March 15th to help us pay for space, sets, artists, marketing and all the other little bits of getting a play produced.

So we've started a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo. We've got some awesome gifts lined up to thank our generous donors, but the best part of all is that you'll be helping to create something wonderful.

Theatre is a truly collaborative art form, and that collaboration starts with you. Art is nothing without an audience, and your support will help us get to that audience. Just click here, read all about it, and make a donation. Then come and see the show that you helped make possible.

Thank you!